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Fully Personalised Singing Telegram Surprises all about your loved one

Live Singing Telegrams

Socially distant Singagrams

There are several ways that we can do singing telegrams in a safe and socially distant way. We can sing 2 metres from the front door, we can sing in a garden where you have 1 less than the legal maximum number of people present and we have even performed at these mini parties in parks and public spaces. We only use performers who use their own cars, so they don't use public transport. They follow a strict hygene regime designed to keep them and you safe.

The Wandering Minstrel is Britain's most experienced singing Telegram performer having performed over 2000 personalised songs in singagram situations and has won 6 Best musical surprise act, or best singing telegram awards. he is the only UK telegram performer who will write a hilarious song from all the funny stories that you send him, he will also produce a full band production audio CD of the special song and a laminated photo lyric sheet both, with photos you supply printed on them. This means that with these special gifts, not only will the song being sung be all about them, but it will be remembered forever, not forgotten about when the performer leaves the building. The fully personalised service includes the writing of the song the production of the CD and laminated lyric sheet and travel in the greater Glasgow area. Now we are able to travel again, feel free to ask for a quote for anywhere in Scotland. Our Hybrid Motor means that we do not have to charge fortunes for travel. We can also offer SGT Pepper Beatle Gram, Digby The Dog, Van Morrison Gram and Michael Buble Gram. Either with a fully personalised song or by choosing 2 songs from their list. From £110

Video Singagrams

Zoom Singing Telegrams

During  the lockdown, we are were not able to offer Live In Person Singagrams at all. So we started offering our video call Singagrams by Skype and zoom. We are so happy with how much impact these singing telegrams have, that we are continuing to do them now we are coming out of lockdown. This is because they have no geographical limitations, we can send a zoom call to anywhere in the world. You can also choose any performer in our network from around the UK. This means that tou can send a zoom call by Stevie Wonder Gram, singing happy Birthday to ya, or Tina Turner Gram singing You're Simply The Best. All of the performers listed below can do zoom calls for our Scottish clients where traveling from London would be impossible. We always say that the reactions on the person's face are the most important thing, more important than how good the song is or how good the performance is, but with a zoom call you get to see the reactions of everyone you have invited to the call, wherever in the world they are. We are also excited that the zoom call allows people with very small budgets to send a singagram, We don't have to charge a lot for them as our performers never leave the house. This makes the zoom singing telegram incredible value for money. The video above is an example of one of these Zoom parties. We have since invested in hardware to improve the sound quality, but having their reactions in the video is the most important part. The Skype and zoom singing telegrams that we have done have been amazing and what is so good is that the impact on Skype and zoom are just as good as it is when it happens in real life.

Have a look at the video and see how Mandy and her friends react as each funny part of her life comes out in the song.Then, have a think, Who do you know who is worth singing about? You can choose too have a special hilarious song written about the person and sung by The Wandering Minstrel or by one of the professional tribute artists below with 2 songs that you choose from their list.




You can surprise anyone, anywhere in the world, not just in Scotland, with a specially written song, all about them, and containing all the funny stories you tell us about them.

If you own a smart TV and you use apps like Skype or Facebook, or you connect your laptop to your TV, your loved one will experience these calls like a television show not a phone call. We can even bring you in on the call to give your own personal message. This makes the Skype Singagram an event that you will never forget. The good thing about these surprises is that we are not restricted by geographic location, We can send them anywhere in the world. You can choose a famous song. You can have The Wandering Minstrel sing  a semi personalised singing telegram song for the exact occasion. You can even ask The Minstrel to write one of his award winning fully personalised songs, from all the funny stories you tell him. This way the song he sings will be all about your loved one. This will be a unique surprise just for them.

  • The video Singagram can be made by any of the artists below.
  • It can be at the time of your choosing
  • It can be sent anywhere in the world, not just in Scotland
  • We can bring you into the call to give your own personal message, if you wish
  • Or it can be part of a zoom party
  • You choose 2 songs from your chosen performer's list
  • If you choose a fully personalised song by The Minstrel, Sgt Pepper Beatle Gram or Digby The Dog
  • The song will be written all about your loved one from the funny stories you tell us about them
  • The song will be recorded on full band production audio CD and laminated photo lyric sheet which will be sent by post













SGT Pepper






Set Pieces:

Stevie Wonder Gram: Happy Birthday to ya

and I just called to say I Love you

Tina Turner Gram: You're Simply The Best 

and Happy Birthday to ya

Marilyn Monroe Gram: Happy Birthday

SGT Pepper Beatle Gram:

They say it's your birthday

The wandering Minstrel:

Semi personalised occasion song

or a fully personalised song all about them

Or check out each artist's song list for more ideas

  • Personalised pre recorded videos from £25
  • Fully Interactive Skype calls on your smart TV from £35 Zoom party with all your friends
  • and 1 tribute gram performer £35
  • Zoom party with all your friends
  • and 2 tribute gram performer £65
  • Fully personalised songs written for performances by The Wandering Minstrel, with the song on full band production audio CD and laminated photo lyric sheet, sent by post anywhere in the world to accompany the live video surprise. £58

For either video Singagram

or fully interactive Skype video call.

We can use any video platform including Skype, Zoom, whats app, Facebook live and youtube live. the last 2 are good if you you have lots of friends and family who wants to watch the show.

Live in person Singing Telegrams (2 songs from £110)

Fully personalised tribute songs in person £120)

Scroll down to fill in the form to contact us or call 0141 3663664 or 07401374628

Singing Telegrams Scotland - hen party
Singing Telegrams Scotland - weddings

Singing Telegrams Glasgow

Simply tell us all about your loved one. Don't forget to include the funny things they say and do, funny things that have happened and all the funny stories that will make them laugh out loud. We will write a special funny song all about them, and produce it onto full band production audio CD, printed with photos you supply. We will also create a photo laminated lyric sheet too.

These gifts mean that the surprise will be remembered forever, not forgotten about as soon as the performer leaves the building. This can be the case with some other singagram performers. The Wandering Minstrel will surprise the person, sing their special song live, and then present them with the special CD and lyric sheet of their special song.

The Wandering Minstrel is The UK's most experienced singing telegram performer having performed over 1000 personalised songs.

Now, this singing telegram king of England is now based in Scotland, to help us set up Singing Telegrams Scotland. You can now book fully personalised singing telegrams in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, and Aberdeen, as well as everywhere else in Scotland in between.

Fully personalised singing telegrams include the specially written song all about your loved one, and produced on a full band production audio CD and a photo laminated lyric sheet, In the daytime, midweek we can do semi personalised singagrams, in offices, homes, work places etc, which do not include a fully personalised song or  CD.

Singing Telegrams Scotland

Surprise your loved one with a special, hilarious song specially written all about them, sung live by The Wandering Minstrel and presented on full band production audio CD, and photo laminated lyric sheet.

Singing Telegrams Scotland are available throughout Scotland, in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen and everywhere in between.

They are perfect for landmark birthdays, weddings, hen parties, anniversaries, retirements, apologies, declarations of love, thank yous and any occasion you can think of.

Singagrams scotland CD

Contact us to discuss your requirements

0141 3663664, 07401374628

or fill in the form below, then send a text to 07401374628 saying "form sent"

and we will be able to deal with your request faster


New Singagram Services for Scotland

Following the success of our Tribute Grams for Singagrams London, where professional tribute artists surprise people with songs chosen from their list, We are bringing this service to Scotland. We have taken on 3 new singagram performers,

Just like in London some of these performers may be very difficult to get on a Saturday night but they can come to work places, homes, pubs and restaurants during the week. They can be booked at short notice, subject to availability. It could not be simpler, choose the performer you want, choose the songs you want and send one of these singagram experiences to someone special. It's easy. you can choose 2 songs or 5 and we do the rest.

It may also be possible to add a fully personalised song to the performance, with two week's notice.

These are the new singagrams Scotland services

SGT Pepper Beatle Gram

They say it's your birthday, so what better for someone who loves The Beatles to get a singing telegram from The one and only Billy Shears, who comes in and sings Birthday by The Beatles. Perhaps your loved one is turning 64 and when I'm 64 would be the perfect song. Beatles songs are some of the best singalong songs for singagrams and singing telegrams.

These fun singagrams can be ordered with a hilarious fully personalised song all about the person from all the funny stories that you tell us about them. After surprising them and singing their special song live, he will present them with a full band production audio CD of the special song and a laminated photo lyric sheet, so that the surprise will be remembered forever. You can also choose some Beatles songs for a classic singalong after the personalised song. £rom £120

You can also order this service at a moments notice with 2 or 5 Beatles songs. From £95

Michael Buble Gram

Our tribute to the Canadien crooner is perfect for romantic telegrams, including, apologies and declarations of love

He is available for Singagrams from £110, and for full tribute shows,for weddings, concerts and other events

Prices on application.

Singing telegrams glasgow
SGT Pepper Beatle Gram - Singing Telegrams Scotland
Michael Buble Gram Singing Telegrams Scotland
singing telegrams Glasgow

Audio Examples of Tribute Songs By The Wandering Minstrel

singing telegrams scotland

Digby The Dog

Digby The Dog can surprise Children of all ages, from 4 to 104.

In his short time with us he has already surprised the bride to be on a hen night, A bride on her wedding day, a 30th Birthday and an 8 year old boy on his birthday. He is though very happy to surprise people of all ages. This is a fun telegram that is sure to entertain. Digby will sing a specially adapted version of Wild Thing by The Troggs. Look out for videos of our new characters Johnny Conquest (1950s and 1960s) and Hippy gram ( songs of Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, Donovan etc and Folk songs

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