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Singing telegrams Scotland can be booked for literally any occasion or reason you can think of. With a fully personalised song all about your loved one, containing all the funny stories from their lives that you tell us about, sung live by The Wandering Minstrel you can literally say anything that you want to say.  It's up to you what stories go into the song and what you leave out of course. You can also choose from a range of characters to deliver your message of love. These include,  The Wandering Minstrel, SGT Pepper Beatle Gram, Digby The Dog Van Morrison Gram or Mersey Beat Gram.

Singing Telegrams Scotland

The Wandering Minstrel

Singing Telegrams Scotland Beatle Gram
singagrams Scotland


Multiple Award Winner


The Wandering Minstrel has won 4 Best Musical Surprise Act

awards from various organisations


For Mothers Day this year, you can either have us write a hilarious and loving song all about your mum Or choose 2 songs  from the lists of our Sgt Pepper Beatle Gram, Van Morrison Gram, Country singer Gram or Digby The Dog

How about our Van Morrison Gram singing Mama said there'd be days like this and have I told you lately that I love you.

Sgt Pepper Beatle Gram

Digby The Dog Singagram

Digby The Dog


A Digby The Dog singing telegram is not for everyone but if you want to send him to give someone a big hug and sing them a Mothers Day Song, then you can

We have been working hard to make SGT Pepper Beatle Gram even better and a very special surprise for Mothers Day Day. The SGT Pepper Beatle Gram is now performed with stunning backing tracks created by a Japanese Genius and include all the iconic riffs that Beatle songs are famous for.


All you need is love,

SGT Pepper's lonely hearts club band

With a little help from my friends

Don't let me down

Day tripper

I feel fine.

Mersey Beat Gram

Singing Telegrams starts at £120 for 2 songs, or £140 for 5 songs. We don't charge extra for a fully personalised song all about them but we ask you to contribute £10 for the materials for the CD and laminated lyric sheet. Only our original songs can go on the CD due to copyright reasons.

Birthday Singagram

The song They say it's your birthday, from the white album, is a perfect singagram song for birthdays which can be performed by a number of different characters. Obviously, SGT Pepper but it counts as a Mersey beat song and Digby The Dog can also sing it. Another ready made Birthday song is Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday to ya which can be performed by Digby. Mike Collins' new character Soul gram (in the style of The Commitments, Paul Young, Paul carrack, Joe Cocker and more will also sing it. 

When it comes to the traditional Happy Birthday to you, it does not count as a song choice because it is only 20 seconds long. So we don't think that's fair, it will be done for free at the end. Don't let other singagram performers confuse you it should never count as a song choice.


A fully personalised song

all about the your loved one featuring all the funny stories you tell us.


Presented on full band production audio CD, and laminated photo lyric sheet, after the live surprise performance of the song.



Choose a song from a list.


Wedding Tribute Song

Our wedding tribute songs can be performed as a surprise for the bride, from the groom. As a surprise for the groom from the bride, or as a surprise for the bride and groom from the best man or the bride's mother. We have even done them at weddings for the bride's mother from the bride and groom. As it is part of your reception entertainment, it does not even have to be a surprise and you'll get the song on full band production audio CD and laminated photo lyric sheet to keep forever. The best part about a wedding tribute song is that it is all about the person or couple you are surprising. You control what stories you tell us and what goes into the song. go into the song. Funny things they say and do, funny things that have happened, and funny stories that will make everyone laugh out loud. I ask you for about an A4 page, and if there is still more left I always choose the funniest stuff first. So if there is something I should definitely not leave out just mark it so that I will use it

Wedding Ceremony Music

Mike Collins is an experienced church worship  leader and can provide hymns or modern worship songs or that classic acoustic song that means so much to you.

A good example of a hymn would be Amazing Grace but there is a worship songwriter who has made a modern version in the the current worship style which is an alternative. The modern worship songs are good if many of your guests are not comfortable with hymns, the acoustic rock pop style might make them feel more comfortable. Eqyally it might work the other way. Your guests might not know the modern worship songs but the hymns might be more familiar. It's just that with the 12 string guitar they will feel more modern.

There  might even be a rock, pop or folk songs that means something to the couple, a romantic love song perhaps that could be played at various points in the service, like the signing of the register.

I even have 1 corinthians 12, a popular bible verse often read at weddings and some psalms that I have set to music

Wedding vows set to music

It has become a tradition for couples to write their own wedding vows but now more and more people are choosing to have their wedding vows set to music. You can even choose to sing the wedding vows song yourselves either with a backing track or with mike playing the 12 string acoustic guitar. Mike can even sing the song for you, either way you get to keep the song on full band production audio CD

Party Tribute acts

You can have our tribute performers perform longer sets for smaller audiences up to about 50 people. We can accommodate larger audiences with the hire of a larger PA , or it may be possible to use your DJ's equipment

Choose from SGT pepper, Mersey Beat Tribute, Digby The Dog or mix them up

Fathers Day Surprise

Fathers Day is the perfect opportunity to surprise your Dad with a funny song all about him.

Our Beatles and Mersey Beat Grams are perfect for the older Gentleman. Give us a week's notice and we can also learn his favourite song. For those with young children in the house why not entertain them as well and let Digby Surprise Dad or Grandad on his special day.

I get by with a little help from my Dad is a song we have adapted for the occasion.

Apologies, declarations of love and marriage proposals

Some of the occasions that we are called to serve require a little more sensitivity. We are often asked to sing an intimate song to say sorry for something the client has done. There are many apology songs and our characters could sing your favourite one or another song that is important to the two of you. We can not promise that he or she will come running back or forgive you but they will know exactly how you feel about them. In fact , it often does have the desired effect. Putting all the funny stories into a song works well too, establishing all the good things about the relationship in the songs can often help the person move from being the person who has been hurt to feeling part of the relationship again.

Mothers Day Surprise

In a multicultural society, you could have people from all over the world living in Scotland, and around the world people celebrate Mothers Day on different days throughout the year. For instance there may be mothers from The United States of America who are living or holidaying in Scotland, so we are lucky enough to have another Mothers day onn The 8th May 2022

Our Van Morrison Gram works well for Mothers Day, with the songs Mama told me there's be days like this and have i told you lately that I love you. Mama by The spice girls is quite a good mothers day song too

Giving the performer a week's notice to learn your mum's favourite song is always a good idea buy telling us all your funny stories and letting the minstrel write a funny song about her is always recommended

Wedding Anniversary Surprise

We have done a lot of wedding anniversaries over the years. Sometimes it can be the sons or daughters booking it for the married couple, other times either the husband or the wife will book it for their partner. we have even done like 3 month anniversary of a couple going out together so you don't even have to be married.

Whatever love songs you choose you know the songs that mean so much to you as a couple but you cannot beat having a song written specially so that all those special moments come out to declare your love for each other

Covid Thoughts

Now that all restrictions have been lifted regarding Covid 19, that means that everyone has to make their own decisions. It is now legal for us to perform indoors again but for that to happen everyone has to be OK about it.

The first thing that means is that in commercial venues like restaurants, pubs and the like, you must get permission from them before you book. The second thing that is important is how you feel about it. we will perform indoors but let's have the sensible conversation about social distancing first. It will always be the case though that the safest singing telegrams are doorstep and garden singagrams as they happen outside. Both the acoustic versions and the high impact ones with the portable battery operated PA system are done from 2 metres apart and work amazingly well on the doorstep So the current situation is that everyone must make their own decision but everyone can be happy

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