Hen Party Surprise

Not every bride to be wants the so called traditional entertainment at their hen party. The idea of anything that involves nudity may bring horror to her face rather than surprise, and some people may choose not to go to her special night if a stripper has been booked. 

Now, we present the 

Hen Party Tribute Song

All about the bride to be.

Hen party surprise Scotland

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The Wandering minstrel


Multiple Award Winner


The Wandering Minstrel has won 4 Best Musical Surprise Act

awards from various organisations

Fully Personalised song


A fully personalised song

all about the bride to be with all the hilarious stories supplied by the hens.


Presented on full band production audio CD, and laminated photo lyric sheet, after the live surprise performance of the song.

Hen night surprise scotland

As the bride to be moves on to her new life, a 


Hen Night Tribute Song

brings all the funny and special times the "girls" have spent together in a way that will never be forgotten.

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