Music for weddings

We offer a number of musical services for weddings in Scotland and some of them are unique services that are not available anywhere else. You may like some acoustic music in your wedding ceremony, which could be hymns, modern worship songs or acoustic standards or you may like the idea of having your wedding vows set to music. Perhaps you would like The Wandering Minstrel to write and perform a hilarious tribute song for somebody or you may even like party music provided by our tribute acts we can customise the music for your wedding and build up a unique package for you.

Singing Telegrams Scotland

The Wandering Minstrel

Fully personalised wedding tribute song

Our fully personalised tribute songs can be performed for anyone, Ideally as a surprise at the wedding reception. The minstrel has done this for the bride from the groom, for the groom from the bride, for the couple from the best man or family members, and even for the bride's mother from the bride. The video on the left shows the minstrel surprising the groom on behalf on the bride and the song includes some very funny stories of how they met and fell in love. Keep watching until the end and you will hear the full band production audio of the same song that he presented to the couple after singing the song. An audio like this will help you understand what our wedding vows set to music might sound like too. Usually a tribute song like this would be performed just after the speeches, a few of our speech makers have even faked that their speech was going wrong and they were calling for help to finish it and then in walked the minstrel.

Acoustic music for the wedding ceremony

My name is Mike Collins and I have an Honours Degree in Popular Music from Huddersfield University, Barnsley Campus. I specialise in acoustic music. Acoustic music is perfect for weddings as the sound of the 12 string guitar provides a warm, romantic sound, in fitting with your wedding ceremony. Whether this is a church setting or any other wedding venue where music is encouraged. You can build your own music program that could include hymns, modern worship songs or romantic love songs of folk, country or pop music. With a good amount of notice you can choose any song that would fit in the performer's style. For smaller weddings where less than 50 people are in attendance, we reccomend a completely acoustic sound, but we can bring a portable battery operated PA system, wireless transmitter and reciever and a microphone, if required. I am an experienced church worship leader  in a charasmatic and evengelical setting, I am also very experienced in performing as part of a duo in pubs, clubs and restaurants. This means that I am equally at home with relgious or church weddings as I am with secular ones. The song I still haven't found what I am looking for is one example of an acoustic song  that works very well in an acoustic setting and here is a video of me singing it. Underneath that video you will find some videos of popular readings that you often hear at weddings that I have set to music. I can perform acoustic versions of these songs at your weddings or any songs that you choose. With plenty of notice I am happy to learn any song that will work in an acoustic style.

1 Corinthians 13 for weddings

Many people have the reading from 1 Corinthians 13 read at their wedding. This is because it is a beautiful depiction of what love is. Not only Christians are moved by this passage. So it works very well at weddings. This is an original song I wrote based on the reading and the Bible passage that it from. I can sing an acoustic version of this song at your wedding with the 12 string guitar

Psalm 139

Another favourite reading for couples at their wedding is Psalm 139, which talks about a relationship of unconditional love. the relationship in question is a relationship with God, but it works equally well as a measure of what love can be. You can choose to ask me to sing an acoustic version, with the twelve string guitar, of this original song

The Lord's Prayer Song

Instead of having The Lord's Prayer read at a wedding, it can be sung too. Either as a singalong song by printing the words on a songsheet or on a screen, or as a reflective meditative solo song. this is my original song based on The Lord's Prayer.

The Serenity Prayer song

The Serenity Prayer is said, by some, to have been written by American Theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, although no one is quite sure. It has been a comfort to recovering alcoholics and drug addicts and to Soldiers in times of war. This is my original song based on the prayer. It can be sung congregationally or as a meditative solo piece.

Wedding vows set to music

Setting your wedding vows to music is a new and very personal way of delivering your wedding vows. You could choose to sing them yourselves, with acoustic guitar accompaniment or backing tracks, ask the musician to sing them for you or play them on previously recorded on CD or mp3. The songs above give you some idea as to what can be achieved.

Party Music Tribute acts

Complete personalised music program

Just choose the parts of my service that you would like as part of your wedding celebration, Whether it is hymns, modern worship music or acoustic songs. You may want a tribute song written all about somebody and that may be at the bride's house in the morning or it may be after the speeches or even in the evening reception or party. We can even provide some party entertainment for you in the evening.

Everything can be organised bespoke to your requirements. I can even provide entertainment at the hen party

On the bride's doorstep

Some people send the minstrel to the bride's doorstep to surprise her before she leaves to get married. With all the funny stories included in the song it's a lovely way to start off the bride's big day and share it with her bridesmaids. Don't forget that we can video it for you or even broadcast it live, so everyone else can see it too

Hen Party Tribute song

Another good place where a fully personalised tribute song works really well is at the hen night. Not everyone wants the so called traditional entertainment, at a hen party, not least the bride herself.
It's important that you make her the centre of attention but a song all about her does that in a big way.

A hen party song honours the bond that has been built up with all the girls over the years at the moment that she moves on to her new life. Some people choose to tell slightly naughtier stories in a hen night song but always in a PG way.

We can also broadcast the surprise live on internet platforms or record it on video so all your friends and family can see it too

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