Wedding Day Surprise

Here's a brand new idea to give the happy couple the surprise of their life, on their special day. Why not have The Wandering Minstrel write and perform a special

Wedding Day Tribute Song

All about them.

Including all the funny stories of their life 

Plus after the song The Minstrel will present them with a full band production audio CD and a laminated photo lyric sheet that they can treasure forever


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Wedding Surprise


Multiple Award Winner


The Wandering Minstrel has won 4 Best Musical Surprise Act

awards from various organisations

Wedding song


A fully personalised song

all about the couple containing all the hilarious stories you supply.


Presented on full band production audio CD, and laminated photo lyric sheet, after the live surprise performance of the song



Wedding Day surprise

We can even surprise the bride on behalf of the groom, or the groom on behalf of the bride. Some people even send him in the morning to their bride or groom before they leave the house, as a special greeting from their partner.

Watch the video on this page of the groom pretending to forget his lines in his speech, only to bring in The Minstrel to "Finish the speech"

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