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SGT Pepper Beatle Gram

The newest addition to our singagram services is perfect for lovers of The Beatles, Merseybeat or any sixties music. It has a ready made birthday song in "They say it's your birthday" by The Beatles The Beatles songs are the best singalong songs and that is what makes them so good for singagrams.

Whether you choose to pick songs from the list or whether you go with a hilarious fully personalised song all about your your loved one, you can be assured this is a high impact singing telegram service.

when I'm 64 SGT Pepper Beatle Gram
Singing Telegrams Scotland Michael Buble Gram

The one and only Billy Shears can be seen in the picture on the left, surprising a school reunion where a group of the school mates were all about to turn 64. He sang "when I'm 64" and "With a little help from my friends", and a good time was had by all, as these are two of the best singalong songs ever written

Award Winning Singing Telegram Performer

SGT Pepper Beatle Gram is the latest character by The Wandering Minstrel, Mike Collins who is Britain's most experienced singing telegram performer, having performed over 1000 personalised songs for many different occasions. He has won three different awards for Best Musical surprise Act for his fully personalised hilarious songs all about the person he is surprising.

You can order a SGT Pepper Beatle Gram with one of these acclaimed personalised songs or you can choose a couple of Beatle songs for a spontaneous, even, last minute surprise.

If you order the fully personalised song option, your loved one will receive a full band production audio CD of the special song and a laminated photo lyric sheet.

While you can book last minute singarams with this service, if you do give us a week's notice you may be able to add any Beatle song or Mersey Beat song and he will make sure he learns it in time. He is building up his list at this moment in time, and last minute bookings will only include those songs that are ready.

There are many brilliant Beatle love songs, which make SGT Pepper Beatle Grams perfect for declarations of love, marriage proposals, wedding anniversaries, apologies and birthdays for your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. And of course don't forget "Birthday" which makes this a ready to go Birthday singagram.

Singing Telegrams Scotland Meat Loaf Gram

Scotland based tribute artists required for Singagrams and Singing Telegrams

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The latest news at Singing Telegrams Scotland is that we have taken on 3 new singagram tribute act performers. We have Michael Buble Grams, Meat Loaf Grams and Buddy Holly Grams. It's not all about the fully personalised song, written all about your loved one. For this kind of singagram, you simply choose a couple of songs from the performer's list. You can even choose 5 songs for a longer set if you wish. These kind of singagrams are perfect for telegrams in work places, homes and pubs and restaurants but for special parties too. Please be aware though that some of our tribute acts are very busy on a saturday night, so we might not be able to get them. Just ask, they might just say yes, if they are available.

We also have some very exciting plans for the future. We are experiementing with some fancy new video equipment. This will enable us to record your surprise performances, and then package them up on our special DVDs to send anywhere in the world.

We will also be able to live stream the surprise performance on Facebook, Skype,  Twitter or any other platform you choose.

We are also hoping to be able to be able to do special Skype shows that are more like mini TV shows, with special green screen backgrounds, like a TV studio or a medieval castle. When you connect the Skype account to your TV, these will be very special surprises. While we are experimenting, we may even do it for free.

A little further in the future we are planning special shows in Shopping centres, where you can bring your loved one to the show to be surprised, at a fraction of the cost of us coming to you.

The next big thing at Singing Telegrams Scotland will be special Theatre shows, where you can get our surprises for the price of some tickets for the show.