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The Wandering Minstrel is Britain's most experienced singing telegram performer, he has performed more than 1000 personalised songs, since 1983. He returned to singing telegrams in 2010, after graduating with an honours degree in popular music, He realised that he could not only write the hilarious personalised songs, all about the person, but also record the song on full band production audio CD, to present to the person after he had surprised them and performed the song live. The CDs have photos printed onto the body of the CD and the cover too, so that it will be remembered forever, not forgotten about as soon as the performer leaves the building.

The minstrel has since surprised people for weddings, hen parties, landmark birthdays, retirements, leaving, marriage proposals and apologies.

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Initially, The Wndering Minstrel performed all over England, but in 2016, Mike The Minstrel moved to Glasgow for personal and family reasons, and is now available for fully personalised singing telegrams in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and throughout Scotland.

You can also book Digby The Dog, For childen of all ages from 4 to 104, He's even done weddings and hen parties too

Johnny Conquest does 50s, 60s and Rock 'n' Roll and you can book it without a fully personalised song

and Hippy Grams with songs by Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, creedence clearwater and traditional and contemporary folk

In November, 2016, The wandering Minstrel was awarded Best Musical Surprise Initiative 2016 UK

by TMT magazine for his use of technology and media.

It is true to say that nothing comperes to the unique experience you get with The Wandering Minstrel, no where else can you have a hilariious song written all about your loved one, by a professional song writer, sung live in a special surprise event, and presented on full band production audio CD and photo laminated lyric sheet.

Who do you know who is worth singing about?

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The latest news at Singing Telegrams Scotland is that we have taken on 3 new singagram tribute act performers. We have Michael Buble Grams, Meat Loaf Grams and Buddy Holly Grams. It's not all about the fully personalised song, written all about your loved one. For this kind of singagram, you simply choose a couple of songs from the performer's list. You can even choose 5 songs for a longer set if you wish. These kind of singagrams are perfect for telegrams in work places, homes and pubs and restaurants but for special parties too. Please be aware though that some of our tribute acts are very busy on a saturday night, so we might not be able to get them. Just ask, they might just say yes, if they are available.

We also have some very exciting plans for the future. We are experiementing with some fancy new video equipment. This will enable us to record your surprise performances, and then package them up on our special DVDs to send anywhere in the world.

We will also be able to live stream the surprise performance on Facebook, Skype,  Twitter or any other platform you choose.

We are also hoping to be able to be able to do special Skype shows that are more like mini TV shows, with special green screen backgrounds, like a TV studio or a medieval castle. When you connect the Skype account to your TV, these will be very special surprises. While we are experimenting, we may even do it for free.

A little further in the future we are planning special shows in Shopping centres, where you can bring your loved one to the show to be surprised, at a fraction of the cost of us coming to you.

The next big thing at Singing Telegrams Scotland will be special Theatre shows, where you can get our surprises for the price of some tickets for the show.