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The Wandering Minstrel is Britain's most experienced singing telegram performer, he has performed more than 2000 personalised songs, since 1982. He returned to singing telegrams in 2010, after graduating with an honours degree in popular music, He realised that he could not only write the hilarious personalised songs, all about the person, but also record the song on full band production audio CD, to present to the person after he had surprised them and performed the song live. The CDs have photos printed onto the body of the CD and the cover too, so that it will be remembered forever, not forgotten about as soon as the performer leaves the building.

The minstrel has since surprised people for weddings, hen parties, landmark birthdays, retirements, leaving, marriage proposals and apologies.

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Singing Telegrams Glasgow

Initially, The Wndering Minstrel performed all over England, but in 2016, Mike The Minstrel moved to Glasgow for personal and family reasons, and is now available for fully personalised singing telegrams in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and throughout Scotland.

You can also book Digby The Dog, For childen of all ages from 4 to 104, He's even done weddings and hen parties too

Our SGT Pepper Beatle Gram and Mersey Beat Grams bring the magic of the 50s and 60s to your loved ones doorstep.

In November, 2016, The wandering Minstrel was awarded Best Musical Surprise Initiative 2016 UK

by TMT magazine for his use of technology and media.

It is true to say that nothing comperes to the unique experience you get with The Wandering Minstrel, no where else can you have a hilariious song written all about your loved one, by a professional song writer, sung live in a special surprise event, and presented on full band production audio CD and photo laminated lyric sheet.

Who do you know who is worth singing about?

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Singing Telegrams Scotland
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Singing Telegrams Edinburgh

Edinburgh is now in our basic area with no added travel expenses, so the usual prices apply.

You can choose any of our characters including The Wandering Minstrel, Sgt Pepper Beatle Gram, Mersey Beat Gram, Digby The Dog, Van Morrison Gram and Soul grams

You can choose a  fully personalised song to be written from all the funny stories you tell us about them

and have the performer present the person with a full band production audio CD and a laminated photo lyrics sheet of the actual song, after he has surprised them and sung their song live.

Or with our genre specific tribute acts you may prefer to choose 2 or 5 songs from the character's list

A 2 song singagram is £120

Should you order a fully personalised song all about your loved one, we don't actually charge any extra to write and record the song, but we ask you to contribute £10 towards the materials for the CD and the lyric sheet

A 5 song singagram costs just £140

To make it more affordable we have added a buy now pay later feature where you can pay in 3 installments. Ask about this pay in 3 feature when you book.

What is a Singing Telegram?

Singing Telegrams started in America, and were very basic, the singer had no musical accompaniment whatsoever. They were often described as "Jazz hands and teeth" You can find depictions of singing telegrams in the movies but often for comic effect .

It was not until 1982 when the singing telegram came to the United Kingdom. The Wandering Minstrel had a 12 string guitar for accompaniment and actually wrote a funny song all about the person he was surprising. This was a step up from the American style of singing telegram. After radio performances on Radio city and Radio Merseyside and appearances in The Liverpool Echo, Valentines's Day was fully booked up and when his customers were disappointed they immediately booked him for Birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, hen parties, apologies, thank yous and marriage proposals. In the height of his success along came the kissagram, while this was a clean version of what the kissagram has now become as it has firmly established itself in the adult industry and can prove  to be very explicit.

The minstrel's business followed along at first but it was an unsatisfying business following the kissagram route.and Mike Collins left the singing telegram business to pursue other projects.

After graduating with a degree in Popular Music in 2010, Mike realised that he could not only write the funny songs but he could also put them on full band production audio CD and laminated photo lyrics sheet. The fully personalised tribute songs became much more sophisticated and a great way of capturing their personality in a song. Being able to keep the song on CD and lyric sheet means that the surprise will never be forgotten. The minstrel always asks after performing a tribute song like this What's it like to have a song written all about you.? The most common answers are Amazing! fantastic! Really special! One thing for certain is that they have never seen this unique service before.

Doorstep Entertainers

During Lockdown we were unable to perform singing telegrams indoors, but it then became possible to do them on a person's doorstep. We then bought a portable battery amplifier. a microphone and some backing tracks and began to develop our high impact singagram services SGT Pepper Beatle Gram, Mersey beat Gram, Digby The Dog, Van Morrison Gram and Soul grams. What we found was that these services became like a flash mob as neighbours, passers by and workmen would get involved dancing singing and clapping, The best thing was we didn't have to pay all the people who got involved,  like you might have to do with a flash mob.

So Singing Telegrams Scotland are going from strength to strength.