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Here are some tips to get the best out of your singing Telegram.

1) Always watch a video of the singing telegram performer you are considering booking. If they have not uploaded a video, then they may not have much experience at singing telegrams or there might be another reason why they do not want you to see it, They might not be very good.

2) Ask if they offer any commemorative gifts, like photo laminated lyric sheets, or full band production audio CDs. Remember, it is the 21st century a hand written certificate does not cut it any more.

3) Is the singing telegram fully personalised, the definition of a singing telegram is that it is a personalised message, a non personalised telegram is just a singer, not a singing telegram. We believe that, without this personalisation a singagram might be a bit of a let down. In fact most of the companies who did "Choose a song from a list" singagrams have gone out of business. The Wandering Minstrel, who was the UK's first singing telegram performer and has performed over 1000 personalised songs, is a music graduate and will not only write the special song but also put it on full band production audio CD. This means that they will be able to relive their singing telegram experience over and over again, long after the minstrel has left the building.

Let's say your loved one loves Neil Diamond, don't assume that just dressing the performer as Neil Diamond is going to produce good results, how could it?. We may have proper tribute  acts on our books who portray that character professionally but if not we suggest putting something about that singer in the personalised song and asking one of our characters to sing one of their songs, after the song all about them but a Neil Diamond A Gram per say will only work if done by a Neil Diamond Tribute Act. In the years we have been in business, we have learned that singing telegrams should be delivered by Characters. Just having a singer doesn't really work, but you still find people starting up trying it out but they soon disappear. We call them nondies, a non descriptive character performing the telegram

Singagrams scotland CD

4) Choose your venue really well. For example, having it in the public area of a night club is probably not the ideal location. The club is unlikely to turn the music off and you will not hear the minstrel singing all of the personalised lyrics, about your loved one. This can be true for the main area of restaurants too. When you book your restaurant table ask them about this, Is it possible to turn the music off while the song is being performed, is there an area of the restaurant that is more suited to this type of performance. In fact, in any public venue you should always ask permission from whoever is in charge. We are happy to provide our surprise performances in any building as long as we have permission from the owner. This can include pubs, clubs, restaurants, as well as workplaces, such as offices, factories, shops and houses, We don't recommend sending a telegram to someone on their own, it is often a good idea to have another person there to encourage them. Although, if this is not possible, just telling them that their present is arriving at a certain time will work, as they will know it is from you.

Don't be confused about music licensing laws, a third party, spontaneously singing happy birthday to someone is specifically excluded from music licensing laws, so the owner of a business can say yes, without worrying about music licenses. In fact, if you are playing recorded music, you probably have all the necessary music licenses anyway.

5) When sending information to go in the fully personalised songs, choose funny things as this will have greater impact when the song is performed live. Are there funny things that they say or do, are the funny things that have happened. Be sure to include all the funny stories that will make them laugh out loud. You can also include names, places, achievements, and personal messages. Try to write about an A4 page, or the equivalent, you can write it in the body of an email or attach a document written in word, wordpad, notepad, or any writing software. If you want to write more than an A4 page, be sure to mark any important item that should not be left out, as I would choose funny things first.

6) To make our singing telegrams extra special, we produce a laminated photo lyric sheet and a full band production audio CD, printing your photos on to these gifts ensures that the experience will be remembered for ever. When choosing photos, try to include at last one of the person standing up and a few group shots with family and friends included. If you are struggling to find photos, one will do, but up to 12 can be included, so each photo will be different on each part of the gifts.

7) It's a good idea not to have the performance at the end of your time together, just before everyone leaves. Try to allow at least an hour from the time of the booking to allow for traffic and other unforseen delays.

8) Although copyright ownership of the finished song belongs to The Wandering Minstrel, your booking does include the license to share it on social media, as long as you link back to one of our websites, or social media pages. So make sure you get someone to video the surprise performance, so you can relive it over and over again. If it isn't possible, we offer this as an extra service for £30, and we'll even send you a DVD video of it as well, afterwards.

We can also produce special web pages that include the audio from the CD, the lyrics, and any photos or videos you send us that capture the surprise. These web pages are free of charge on request and make it very easy for you to share the page with friends and family anywhere in the world.

9) Extra copies of any CDs or videos that we produce can always be ordered and if your loved one is a vinyl purist, we can have a one off vinyl record made for £50. For the right person, this is the perfect gift, as the label and the cardboard sleeve will both be printed with the photos you supply.

10) It can be good to have everybody at the event contribute funny information for the song, As long as you use the same subject line in each email, the minstrel is happy to collate the information when the time comes to write the song.

We will usually set an agreed time to write the song as well as the surprise performance time. The Minstrel will then include all material recieved up to that time. Be sure to include a "from" message to be printed on the inside CD cover too

11) For maximum impact, we recommend the doorstep sinagram, it is safer from a covid point of view and if you choose a character that uses a portable battery operated PA system the impact can be even greater as the neighbours, passers by and workmen all tend to get involved.

It is now legal to perform indoors again though but if you want it to take place in a pub, club or restaurant or in business premises you must get permission from them first.

Singagrams scotland - The Wandering Minstrel

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Singagrams Scotland CD samples
Singing Telegrams Scotland CD Samples

Digby The Dog

Digby The Dog can surprise Children of all ages, from 4 to 104.

In his short time with us he has already surprised the bride to be on a hen night, A bride on her wedding day and an 8 year old boy on his birthday. He is though very happy to surprise people of all ages. This is a fun telegram that is sure to entertain.


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