The Wandering Minstrel - Singing Telegrams

The Wandering Minstrel has been on the cutting edge of the singing telegram business for the best part of four decades, but with this new upgrade he has taken things to a brand new level. This will be a game changer for the singing telegram business, not just in the United Kingdom but throughout the world.

The new singing telegrams can be sent anywhere in the world.

They include:

  • A greenscreen video of the minstrel singing the special song he has written all about your loved one, from the medieval forest.
  • A full band production audio track of the special song
  • And a laminated photo lyric sheet sent by post.You can even ask a local singer, or a local singing telegram performer to sing it for you You could even sing it yourself. (we'll send the backing track to whoever is going to sing it.It may surprise you to know that these worldwide singing telegrams are just £50 (around $60)For the minstrel to sing your special song in a special surprise singing telegram anywhere in Scotland it costs just £120

Fully Personalised Tribute songs

How it works


You tell the minstrel all the funny stories all about your loved one that would be sure to make them laugh out loud. Every family has these stories that they often tell  whenever they get together, and these stories can capture the personality of their loved one in a magical way. This is much more special than if a singing telegram performer only sings a famous song. It is not the same thing at all. This is a unique experience, listening to a funny song that has been written all about you.

Recording Full Band Audio Track

The Wandering Minstrel is a music graduate and he learned  to create full band audio tracks of his work. Being able to keep the recording forever guarantees that the occasion will not be forgotten. The minstrel uses about a dozen full band backing tracks but the lyrics are written specially for each song.

The vocals and mixing and mastering are completed for each song.  So each one is unique and all about that person.

Recording Greenscreen video

Each order includes a special performance of the unique song from the medieval forest in the famous Birnam wood which was made famous by William Shakespeare in the play MacBeth.

The audio and video files can be played by scanning the QR codes that are printed onto the laminated lyric sheet with any smart phone. you may need to enable it in your camera settings

In this form, a Worldwide Singing Telegram includes a laminated photo lyric sheet (left), a greenscreen video performance (right) and the full band audio track (below) costs just £50 (around $60) and can be posted anywhere in the world. If you have left it until the very last minute we can send it by email with images and clickable links. Ask us to send the backing tracks to anyone that you would like to learn the song, allow plenty of time for them to learn it. The Wandering Minstrel can surprise your loved one with a surprise live singing telegram performance anywhere in Scotland and in some circumstances England too.