Mersey Beat Gram

Billy Mersey is bringing back the days of the cavern club, the star club in Hamburg and the chart topping sensations of nineteen sixties. Bands and artists like Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Searchers, Kingsize Taylor, The Merseys, The Mersey Beats, Billy J Kramer, and of course The Beatles, took American rock n roll and gave it a scouse accent. Billy's scouse accent is authentic but the mop top haircut is not. Just like those afternoons and evenings on the Mersey scene you will hears lots of rock n roll songs by Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and the Comets, Jerry Lee lewis and more. No song list based on The Mersey Beat would be complete without songs by The Beatles and Billy Mersey's list has plenty of them.

Mersey Beat Gram

Highlights of this list include They say it's your Birthday  from the Beatles' White Album for anyone celebrating a birthday. If you are sending a Singagram to a romantic partner, your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend there are plenty of romantic love songs on the list, The fun of the chart era of Mersey Beat is represented by songs like How do you do it?, Needles and PIns, I like it and more.

We have adapted the Beatles song With a little help from my friends, so not only is it a great song if you are booking for a friend but in time for Father's Day He can sing I get by with a little help from my Dad. Billy Mersey also does a Gerry and the Pacemakers song that many Glaswegians may have an association with to do with Football but as Billy is a scouser he knows nothing about that. Of course, I  mean You'll never walk alone.

Award Winning Singing Telegram Performer

Mersey  Beat Gram is the latest character by The Wandering Minstrel, Mike Collins who is Britain's most experienced singing telegram performer, having performed over 2000 personalised songs for many different occasions. He has won 6 different awards for Best Musical surprise act for his fully personalised hilarious songs all about the person he is surprising.

You can order a Mersey Beat Gram with one of these acclaimed personalised songs or you can choose a couple of Beatle songs for a spontaneous, even, last minute surprise. If you order the fully personalised song option, your loved one will receive a full band production audio CD of the special song and a laminated photo lyric sheet.

While you can book last minute singarams with this service, if you do give us a week's notice you may be able to add any Mersey Beat song  and he will make sure he learns it in time. He is building up his list at this moment in time, and last minute bookings will only include those songs that are ready.

Two song Singagram £120

5 Song Singagram £140

Fully personalised songs can be written at no extra cost but we ask you to contribute £10 towards the production of the CD and lyrics sheet. Only Original songs can be included on the CD due to copyright reasons

Outstanding Review

This review was left by Leanne Martin on our Google my Business Page

I cannot recommend Mike Collins highly enough. From begining to end, he was professional, flexible and a joy to book. My Mum and Dad (sadly) couldn't travel to Liverpool for my engagement party, and so Mike was tasked with bringing Liverpool to them, and boy, did he do just that! He suprised my parents and made their night one to remember, with joyful dancing and singing along in their garden. He really was the most kind, compassionate and wonderful entertainer for the job! He made my mum and dad's night, and what a talent you are, Mike! Playing all the hits from The Beatles, to Gerry and the Pacemakers and some rock n roll greats in between! I cannot thank you enough for the joy and happiness you brought to us all. You went above and beyond and videoed the whole thing so not only could we watch the joy once our own party had ended, but so my mum and dad have this very special memory to watch again and again! You also laminated (and beautifully delivered!) my little speech to give to my parents - again, a very kind touch and something they can treasure forever. I am over the moon with your service, and will be booking you again in the future as you are worth every penny. Thank you, from our whole family, for being incredible, Mike! Stay safe x

Why not get us to video the surprise for you, especially if you cant be there yourself. If you allow us to put the video on our website there is no charge for that, it's free. However, if you don't want that I can send you a DVD in the post and not put it on the website. It is only £25 for that. Either way if you send us a video message, we will play it to your loved one before the singing starts.

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