Valentines Day Surprise

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Valentines Day Surprise

There are many ways to show your loved one how much you love them and wish them a happy Valentine's Day, but most of them have all been done. This year, why not do something unique and exciting. A singing telegram from singing telegrams scotland is something different. You can choose from a range of characters to deliver your message of love. These include,  The Wandering Minstrel, SGT Pepper Beatle Gram, Digby The Dog or Michael Buble Gram.

Singing Telegrams Scotland

The Wandering Minstrel

singagrams Scotland


A fully personalised song

all about the your Valentine featuring all the funny stories you tell us.


Presented on full band production audio CD, and laminated photo lyric sheet, after the live surprise performance of the song.



Choose a song from a list.



Multiple Award Winner


The Wandering Minstrel has won 4 Best Musical Surprise Act

awards from various organisations


For Valentine's Day this year, you can either have us write a hilarious and romantic song all about your loved oneOr choose a song from the lists of our Sgt Pepper Beatle Gram or Michael Buble Gram




Singing telegrams Scotland

  • From £99 for choose songs
  • From £120 Total

for personalised song service

all about your loved one.

inc full band production audio CD and laminated photo lyric sheet


Singing Telegrams Scotland Beatle Gram

Michael Buble Gram

Sgt Pepper Beatle Gram

Digby The Dog Singagram

Digby The Dog


A Digby The Dog singing telegram is not for everyone but if you want to send him to give someone a big hug and sing them a valentine;s song, then you can

Buble singagrams scotland

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